About us

Ladies and gentlemen!

We are happy to announce a new Ukrainian cushioned furniture trade mark – “NT-Mebel”

Our young and ambitious trade mark secures a place in the market swiftly. In its time of existence our production became considered as a quality manufacture, responsible supplier and a reliable partner.


Quality control is pursued on every step by the specialists of “NT-Mebel” TM. There are all the needed production departments on our territory: woodworking, cutting and sewing, decorative elements shop, CNC machinery shop, casing shop. “NT-Mebel” produce is certified, ecologic and in accordance with norms and standards of Ukraine.

Only the best Ukrainian furniture fabric and hardware suppliers are partners to “NT-Mebel”. All the materials that are used in manufacture of our furniture are in accordance with ecological standards and have appropriate quality certificates.


“NT-Mebel” improves and adds to assortment of new models of furniture hand in hand with new fashion tendencies.

The advantages of our produce are quality, democratic price and high functionality of manufactured furniture.

We are providing delivery services to any place in Ukraine with our own transport as well as with help of delivery companies.

If you cooperate with “NT-Mebel” TM you get diverse assortment, timely delivery, individual treatment, partnership with highly skilled specialists, swift reaction to emerging tasks and questions.

“NT-Mebel” – furniture for your home